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Just This, Just Now – Alene Pierro, “This tool is meant as a reminder to pursue wonder through the quality of your attention. May this pursuit show us what it is to be human – to be fleeting and to evolve always in relation to our surroundings.”
Black is Beautiful – Ethan Barnett, “Barnett uses film, theatre and performance to demonstrate the ways African descended peoples’ have survived and thrived throughout history.”
Alone in a Forest of Sky – Ingrid Nichter, “My paintings are human moments: emotions, thoughts, and experiences transformed into physical objects.”
Tryptophan – Justin Windman-Kerr
Voices in My Head – Michael Garda, “I am enamored by the human figure and captivated by how many emotions the body is capable of expressing and communicating… The pieces in this show attempt to open up a conversation about struggles with mental health and normalize talking about it.”
Interdependence – Sharon Ascher, “My feeling of ‘Being Human’ could be seen by transmuting energy with rough torn edges. This experience of ‘Being Human’ could also be thought of as a shared reality… When arranging these dark and light shapes a dialogue and a relationship evolves.”
Jerome Goldberg, “My two works in this exhibition range from a digital flight of fantasy of a young woman actively enjoying dance, music and nature to a portrait of my mother proclaiming chocolate is #1 forever on her ninetieth birthday.”


“We’re All Human” is juried by Mariaelena Ferrer. This exhibition showcases the diverse human experience and explores the landscape of human emotion. We are excited for our gallery opening 9/12 from 12-5p!

MariaElena Ferrer is the Executive Director of Humanamente — a diversity and inclusion consulting organization — Chair of the Athena Network New York — a psychosocial support network in the area of social services, health, and specifically in mental health, for immigrants experiencing psychological challenges related to the migratory process — vice-chair of the Ulster County Human Rights Commission, and a socially engaged artist.