CCAC is thrilled to offer a new gallery exhibition space that provides the opportunity for local Hudson Valley artistic to display unique pieces and make them accessible to a wide audience. We do this by presenting them in a dignified way, but still being aware of our diverse student members, visitors, neurodiverse community and the general community at large. We focus providing exhibitions that highlight issues that truly matter, that deserve widespread attention, and reflect the creativity of our region. The CCAC is an arts space for everyone to collaborate, create, and cultivate synergy.

CCAC’s gallery space is a place for people of all identities, ages and abilities, therefore we have rules around nudity and sexualized content to ensure our gallery is appropriate for everyone to visit. We allow body/sex positive content and artwork, but we do not allow artwork that may be considered by community standards as sexually explicit.

The following rules apply to our gallery exhibitions:

·         CCAC is not responsible for the works and information shown by the artist

·         CCAC Gallery does not have the copyright on the images and texts

·         By making images of works available on our virtual gallery, the artist grants CCAC the right to use them for and on the website without compensation, and to make technical changes if necessary

·         CCAC is in no way liable for damage caused by the site

·         The artist is solely responsible for not infringing on the rights of third parties

·         CCAC reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove content at any time without notice and without giving reasons