We are excited to offer kiln services to our community! Please contact us https://cornellcreativeartscenter.com/contact-us-visit/ to arrange kiln services. When sending a request, please include the dimensions of your work, clay body, glazes used, and cone number.


The Cornell Creative Arts Center (CCAC) Ceramics Studio offers both gas and electric kiln firings! We are happy to provide our kiln firing services to students enrolled in our classes and to those who make ceramic work offsite and need access to a kiln to fire their work.

Kiln firings at the CCAC include loading, firing and unloading of work onto a dedicated firing shelf in the Kiln Room. Those renting Kilns or Kiln space are not permitted to load, fire or unload the kilns themselves.

We have a brand new barrel Bailey electric kiln, 10 cubic feet. We also have a Shuttle Deluxe Bailey gas kiln that has 14 cubic feet of stacking space. The interior stacking dimensions are 41” x 24” x 25” (H x W x D). The gas kiln allows artists to create endless variations of beautiful glaze results! Visitors are welcome to stop by our studio and peer through the outside of our kiln room through plexiglass windows to witness a gas kiln in action!

  • We offer cone 6 and cone 10 reduction gas firings.
  • Payment in full is due prior to firing.
  • Proof of cone 10 /cone 6 clay is required for firings. You must fill out documentation for the clay body used.
  • Work cannot be thicker than .5” and the bottom must be clean.
  • Firing Schedule: Firings will be scheduled according to work output within the Ceramics Studio classes and will be posted outside the kiln room door. Please call our studio manager to arrange a firing.
  • Turnaround time for firings: Bisque firings will be unloaded and the work will be placed on carts and ready for pick up 48 hours after firing takes place. All gas firings will be unloaded and the work will be placed on carts ready for pick up 72 hours after firing takes place.

Firing rates

Payment must be made before firing. We accept all major credit cards. Payments will be made through our Mindbody sales platform.

Electric Kiln = .06 cents per cubic inch.

  • Example: a mug that is 4” x 4” x 5” would cost $4.80
  • Example: a vase that is 15” x 8” x 8” would cost $57.60

Gas kiln= .10 cents per cubic inch.

  • Example: a mug that is 4” x 4” x 5” would cost $8
  • Example: a vase that is 15” x 8” x 8” would cost $96

Kiln Rental

  • Electric kiln = Cone 6 — $125.
  • Gas kiln = Cone 6 reduction — $275 or Cone 10 reduction –$300

Terms & Conditions

You do not need to be enrolled in a ceramics class to fire your work at CCAC but you must contact the Ceramics Studio Manager to make arrangements to deliver your work, pay for the firing fees, and to verify that your clay body is indeed a cone 6-10 clay body. You MUST be certain so we can be sure that your clay body will not destroy our kiln shelves and/or gas kiln. Cone packs will be saved and shown to you upon pick up of your work. If clay or glazes cause any damage to our kilns, renters will be charged an additional fee to clean or replace kiln shelves or equipment.

The Cornell Creative Arts Center is not responsible for any breakage to fired work, body or glaze failures, unintended glazing results, or work left in our studio beyond 30 days. No refunds are provided for any breakage, cracking, explosion or imperfect firing of any kind. Every effort will be made to load and unload all work carefully and ensure you receive the best results possible!