*The Head Heart Hands Workshops will be postponed until September*


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Saturdays, June 5, 12, 19 & 26th from 10am-12pm

The Cornell Creative Arts Center is excited to offer a FREE 4 week workshop in June for girls ages 12-16 years old where they can create in a safe, inclusive space that they can express their creativity and learn ways to practice yoga and art making to boost confidence, manage stress, and calm anxiety. Classes consist of 1 hour yoga class and 1 hour art class.

Session 1

Art session: Introduction to mindfulness through clay. The present moment sensations of the using the clay, the smell, sight, sound, temperature of clay and anchor keeping the boat that is our thoughts from wandering too far in any direction.

Yoga session: Introduction to mindfulness through proprioception and mindful movement. Open class with elevator breathing meditation. Utilizing all of our senses to practice presence, sensory awareness, and grounding. Setting an intention for the class series, we will practice imagery of a boat and anchor to keep a steady mind, even amidst the uncertainties of the water/waves, which can be compared to life’s happenings. The movement part of class will be focused on a grounding themed sequence.

Session 2

Art session: Breath paintings. Awareness of feeling tone and breath with paint or marker. We will start with a guided meditation focusing on breath and awareness of pleasant/unpleasant/neutral sensations. Participants choose a color, shape or line to represent both inhale and exhale as well as a color, line or shape to represent each of the feeling tones. With eyes open or closed we do the meditation again while recording the experience on big sheets of paper.

Yoga session: Open class with sand timer mindfulness practice to ground and arrive. The class sequence will be themed around cultivating strength and resiliency, both on & off the yoga mat. Class will conclude with Yoga Nidra focusing on a color-themed meditation, also noticing places in the body that are comfortable/uncomfortable, comparing both spaces with loving-kindness awareness, and integrating the sensations to cultivate balance.

Session 3

Art session: Found object exploration. Participants bring in from home or choose from my collection three objects that they feel drawn to. We will spend time arranging the objects then drawing the objects from different angles, in different styles, using different drawing materials. Last step is to write “I am” statements for the objects.

Yoga session: Open class with metta/loving-kindness practice. Today’s class will focus on gentle backbends, and expansion from the heart-center/center of feeling. The Yoga Nidra practice will center around visualizing a comfortable place (either real or imagined), and utilizing all of the senses to imagine all of the objects in an environment that supports relaxation and ease.

Session 4

Art session: Positive affirmations. We will make/decorate small boxes that contain tiny cards printed with positive adjectives (brave, intriguing, resilient, smart etc.) Participants will “try on” the adjectives by creating a collage that incorporates the words “I am” and any of the adjectives they choose.

Yoga session: Practicing affirmations to open class, we will creatively express yoga shapes that remind us of these phrases. Embodying them to solidify and support the positive meanings of each affirmation in our bodies. The Yoga Nidra practice will include a body scan and invitation of positivity on each inhalation, and a wave-like release on the exhalation.