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History of the program:

In 2005 I received a request from the DOE in Manhattan ( Chancellor Klein ) to help the new generations become familiar with the professional art community across the board, from mentor programming to commercial art galleries, from academia to museums and collections. My organization began an introduction for young, aspiring, visual artists, lending them access to the process of bringing their work before the public and just how to go about the entire experience. I began the annual exhibition entitled “ The Annual Gifted Exhibition” and now that I am in Kingston, NY I’d like to maintain some sort of continuity and preserve the sentiment.


Annual Gifted Exhibition at CCAC:

CCAC shall assume the role of professional educator and mentor in the process of exhibition and preparation thereafter when a two person show will be given to the two recipients of the jury selections. ( Jury: Gallery director, two resident artists w/ CCAC, two faculty members of CCAC art teachers, two CCAC collectors, two media critics) The students who receive the largest number of votes ( 2 per jury member) will be sponsored for a two person exhibition the following year. Throughout the year leading up to the next show, teachers and administration will mentor, advise and provide consultation in preparation for the two person exhibition. We will help educate and guide the two students so as to give them the experience that professional artists grow through in their own careers. The Gifted exhibition will be an annual occurrence at CCAC so, teachers, please feel free to make this a part of your curriculum in years to come. Should any faculty wish to discuss or address any aspect of this event please feel free to contact staff or director at your convenience.



We are reaching out to the high schools within a 20 mile radius of Kingston. Eligibility begins at Freshman year and runs through senior year.

Deadline for admissions: March 10. Submissions may be made electronically or in person., 129 Cornell Street, Kingston, NY

THE PROCESS: Students may submit up to 5 pieces for review ( jpgs, small files, any medium, any motif, any narrative)

Size restrictions Sculpture: no larger than 4’ height 3’ width 2’ depth | Photography: no larger than 44” width and 50” high | Painting/Mixed Medium: no larger than 60” high x 48” wide  | Installation 7’ circumference | Prints/Collage/Flat image: no larger than 48” x 36”

Once accepted by the director the students are responsible for framing, matting, any needed equipped to mount an installation. The gallery director will chose one or (possibly two) pieces from each selected artist. The students will drop off their work the Saturday before the opening week of the exhibition. ( reception will be the following Saturday 2- 4pm)

The exhibition shall remain up for one month during which time work may be sold. The gallery will take a 40% commission and the artist will receive 60% of any and all sales: net, after sales taxes have been calculated. All art work that has not been sold must be retrieved between 4 and 6pm on Saturday April 29, 2023.



Current tentative dates:

Reception: April 1, 2023; 2-4pm

Closing date April 29.


All selected participants will sign a consignment contract upon dropping off their work.



John Smith-Amato